We're all about crafting products for people all around the globe, not just our backyard. It's a different ballgame altogether. Join us, and you'll be part of an amazing ride where your work can make waves worldwide!

🎄 Days Off

You've got the flexibility to take all the time off you need — no strings attached. We're confident in your judgment to manage your leaves wisely, be it for personal commitments or simply to recharge.

When you're in the game, we want you at your best – energized, creative, and ready to tackle any challenge. Your focus should be on your work, not on juggling other tasks.

At the end of the day, it's all about the results you deliver, not the hours you put in.

⏱️ Working Hours

While we are a young startup, we are not about burning the midnight oil or pushing through every weekend. We have seen the toll that takes in the long run. It has a far worse impact over time. Our philosophy? Efficient, steady work beats out-of-control hustle any day.

💹 ESOPs for everyone!

ESOPs aren't just about stock options on paper – they're about genuine ownership. In a startup like ours, taking collective ownership is crucial. Plus, we want everyone in the founding team reaping rewards! We know the early-stage startup scene is a risk, and we've got your back. That's why we want to create an opportunity for a big reward.

  1. Our ESOP pool size is 15%, going above and beyond the typical industry standard of 5%-10%.
  2. Choose more ESOPs over a lower salary if that's your game.
  3. Vesting Schedule 4 years. One year cliff of 25% followed by monthly vesting.
  4. Vesting kicks off from your joining date.
  5. All ESOP-related communication takes place through our ESOP Portal.
  6. Liquidity — While it's a bit early, we're dedicated to facilitating periodic buybacks. After all, IPOs or acquisitions shouldn't be the only paths to liquidate.

🧾 Expenses and Reimbursements

We don’t have a formal expense policy in place. Use your best judgement, keeping Zivy’s best interest in mind. We don’t want you to hesitate while making expenses, but if you ever feel conflicted, just reach out to us. Our general stand is to stay on the side of frugality and find innovative ways of extracting the best out of cost headers. This will pay off sooner or later in more than one form :)

🙅🏾‍♀️ Zero Management

We work with a Founder’s Mindset. We will hand over the reins to you, trust you with the ownership and autonomy you crave, as long as you are ready to embrace the responsibility that comes with it!

You’ll directly work with the founders as required. There will be no layers, no middle management, none of that jazz. Our goal is to always maintain a small team, ensuring everyone gets to truly own the products, features and work they take on.