We believe building a world-changing company does not have to come at the expense of your personal freedom and enjoyment.

Our goal is not to build a company solely focused on the bottom line. We want to ensure that both our customers and our team are happy and well taken care of!

⌚ Flexible working hours — Work during the time zones when you are at your peak energy, with some overlap with others for collaboration. Feel like taking a mid-day nap? Prefer working at night? Go ahead, create a schedule that suits you!

🏡 Not fully remote, but flexible — In the early days, while we are still figuring out what our product looks like, everyone is needed on deck. We want to be lean and agile so that we can achieve the proverbial PMF gold. We strongly believe that sharing a physical workspace will ignite our creativity and enable us to draw inspiration and energy from one another.

However, if you ever need focused time or have tasks without dependencies, feel free to work from home occasionally. We trust in your ability to choose what's best for your output.

🤌🏾 As part of our philosophy, we will always operate as a small team. We believe that a small, motivated team can move faster and create a larger impact than a big team. At Zivy, everyone works with a founder's mindset.

🎩 As a result, you'll have the opportunity to wear many hats if you choose to! These could include engineering, product, analytics, marketing, hiring, and sales. You'll never get bored.

💡 We actively encourage an environment where new, innovative ideas are constantly conceptualised. And we guarantee a workplace where these ideas are realised.

➡️ Disagree and move forward — There isn't always a right choice or one way to do anything — more so in product and tech. But, it’s important to commit and move forward (and fast) together.

🪞 Default to Transparency. Always. Amazing things happen when we operate from a place of trust.

🎛️ Be obsessed with Customer Experience day in and day out. There is simply no other way to build a world-class product.

✍🏾 Documentation — We place a lot of emphasis on writing. We document everything from proposals to execution to evaluations (post-mortems, analytics). This documentation ultimately makes work an absolute joy for everyone!