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Hey there! 👋🏾

We are Prashanth and Vivek, founders of Zivy and we are on a mission to disrupt the way workplace communication is done.

We believe human minds are remarkable – great at problem-solving and innovation – when used to their potential. But how often are we able to truly focus? Imagine having a relaxed mind that can focus on deep work – a day where there isn’t a constant background stream of messages, emails, and reminders in the background that demand your timely attention. We believe we can unlock higher productivity by changing the way people consume and interact with information. Zivy aims to make that happen.

The goal is very ambitious and a hard solve. But, if we are successful, we truly believe this will unlock new potentials all around the world. 🚀

To pull this off, we are going to need a set of incredible people to build this together as a team!

We’re hiring our founding team to join us on this mission – folks who can take charge and are excited about making a large impact. If this sounds interesting, read on to know more about Zivy, our principles, and what you can expect!

Why are we building Zivy?